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How to search:

  1. Enter a search term or code in the box below and click search.
  2. Please note this is not a full search facility - 'Laparotomy for small bowel obstruction' will not get you very far!
  3. Remember OPCS code are not that descriptive the above operation would be searched for under 'jejunum' or 'ileum'. you then choose the most appropriate code depending on what you did.
  4. Also OPCS codes describe the operation, not the operation name - you will not find Delorme's Procedure for example - you need to search for 'rectal prolapse'
  5. You can do partial searches such as 'append', and all the codes for any operation with 'append' in will appear. You can also search for codes - H01 for example, brings up all the codes for appendicectomy, whereas H01.3 will be the specific code for 'Emergency excision of normal appendix'
  6. Sometimes it is easier to look at the BUPA codes and back-transform them to OPCS4 codes. For example - search for 'Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy' - no OPCS4 code, but there are 2 BUPA codes - J1830 & J1880. To convert to an OPCS4 code, drop the final digit then place a decimal place before the last digit - J1830 become J18.3. You should then check that J18.3 is the correct code (or look for all the J18 codes) as this method does not always work - search for 'anterior resection' for example.


  1. Almost all laparoscopic procedures need the following code added - Y50.8 (OPCS 4.2) and then Y75.1 (OPCS 4.3 - when we start using it). So a laparoscopic cholecystectomy is coded as J18.3 + Y50.8
  2. Reversal of Hartmann's Procedure is a difficult coding problem - use the following: H15.4 + Y16.2 + Z29.1

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NHS OPCS 4.2 -4.8 codes are shown in the first table and BUPA codes in the second table

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