Before using the abstract submission system you must READ & agree to the following:

Guidelines - Abstract Submission

  1. The abstract should be no longer than 250 words (not including title)Abstracts of longer length will be rejected by the server and you will not be able to submit the abstract until you are below the word limit. It is your responsibility to ensure that you keep to the word limit. The word count as displayed on the website when you click on the submit button is the word count that will be used - not the count in your word processor - please do not email with disagreements in number of words - the server count is final.

  2. The abstracts are to be submitted as text only

  3. Abstracts are welcome on any subject in the field of Surgery.

  4. Please use a spell checker on your abstract before submitting it.

  5. All areas of the form must be completed, failure to do so will result in the form being rejected and your browser returning an error.

  6. It is your responsibility to ensure that the information you provide is correct and to check the content of your abstract with the 'Edit abstract' facility, especially contact information.  I cannot be held responsible for your abstract not being graded as the content was missing or for failure to notify successful authors of abstract acceptance if you did not fill the form in correctly. Please be aware that it is never the fault of the system - it has been running successfully for a number of years.

  7. Once completed and submitted electronically you cannot submit the same abstract again - make sure the first one is correct! You can however edit the submission up to the closing time of submission.

  8. Please ensure your e-mail address is correct as you will be notified by e-mail if your abstract has been accepted.

  9. Once the form has been completed you will be presented with an "Abstract Submitted" page and have the option of printing out your abstract for your own records.  If you do not see this page then your abstract has not been received and you must do it again - use the back button on your browser to do this.

  10. DO NOT submit the same abstract twice, it will be difficult for me to decide which one to delete - either edit your abstract or delete it all together

Jason Smith
Consultant Surgeon