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Use the links on the left of the screen to navigate around the system. Please note that when you create a new abstract ALL of the fields are required. If you do not complete the form correctly then it will generate an error.

You must read and follow the guidelines below:

  1. The title should concisely describe the work.
  2. Authors should be listed followed by their addresses, using numbered superscripts appropriately if more than one address is given.
  3. The body of the abstract should be divided into aim; method; results; conclusion.
  4. All ethical and regulatory approvals must be in place but do not need to be described in the abstract, although should be described in presentations if accepted.
  5. No figures or tables should be included.
  6. The total number of words should not exceed 250.
  7. Authors should state their preference for oral or poster presentation.

For security reasons it is vital that you complete the password field at the bottom of the abstract submission form. Without this piece of information you will not be able to edit or delete your abstract. All the details you require to edit or track your abstract will be emailed to you, so make sure that your contact email address is correct. Furthermore, communication from the abstract process is only by email, there will be no postal notification. Finally please make sure you read the terms and conditions of system use before using the system.

Jason Smith MD DMI FRCS(Gen.Surg)
Consultant Surgeon

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